Thursday, 13 November 2014

A light in the encircling gloom

Well you'll be pleased to hear that I've just had another check-up.  This time with a side-kick of the thoracic specialist's.  I shouldn't have actually been back to the hospital until May, but I told my consultant that I'd miss him and a year was a long time, so he booked me in for six months. Despite explaining this to the chap today, he has also booked me in for another check up in six months time too, to be on the safe side.

On top of this, yesterday I had a letter to say that my recent mammogram was also clear.  So even though it's looking a tad gloomy out there, it's sunshine in this household. 

And there's even more good news, the nagging muscular problem that I've had for over a year now, somewhere in the region of upper buttock is well on the mend since I've started doing 15 minutes on the rowing machine every morning.  I know what the problem is as I had it diagnosed: I don't stand or sit straight While trying to do both of those properly has alleviated it a bit, the rowing is actually proving to be just what the doctor and physio didn't order, because they didn't think of it.

Happy days!