Friday, 2 January 2015

A new year, a new perspective, a new vision - not really

Here I am in 2015 - a year which for just a few months, I didn't expect to see.  I still haven't worked out why I was saved, I still haven't come up with a grand plan for living the rest of my life.  I have cheated over Christmas on diet - but I am still resolved that healthy living is the key to existence.

I'm definitely happier and most alive when doing positive things. Spending time picking holes in planning applications has to be done, but I can feel the stress build when I have to do it.  So far we have managed to keep the hopeful neighbours' ridiculous eco house at bay but they just keep trying.  I am now convinced that I am the only person who really understands the planning history and where we now are with the whole thing - but even that's a challenge and I've had to write it all down so that I don't lose the plot.

My health is good. I do eat well and in the main I avoid processed foods altogether and I ingest things which I know are beneficial.  The most interesting of these recently is the vitamin D which I've obviously been deficient in for many years.  What amazes me - and I apoligise if I've said this before, and often - is how one can be deficient in something for so long and get away with it.  The body - in fact all of nature - is so very clever at making do.  I believe that cancer only finds us when the imbalance is such that the body can no longer "making do".  The research publicised today on that subject claims that cancer is a matter of chance and random mutations.  I reckon there is a lot of luck, but I really cannot believe that you can't influence your chances of either getting it or recovering from it by doing what it is that puts your body into perfect order.

So how will I approach 2015?  Well I'm going to carry on doing what I'm doing as it seems to be working. And having said that, I wish you all a positive and happy year, filled with good vibes and love.