Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Off I go again

Last October I had a bit of breast discomfort which soon abated.  I was slightly concerned but then a mammogram appointment landed on the doormat.  So off I went and had my tits duly squeezed between the X-ray machine plates.  Back came the letter saying everything was OK.  Given that I flagged up some previous tenderness, the breast screening nurse said to keep an eye on my boobs. Quite difficult really - it's a touch thing, isn't it girls?

Anyway while checking them I discovered some clear liquid from one nipple and you could feel the milk duct was slightly more apparent.  I thought it would go away, but these things nag at you - especially when you've had the escape that I have. So off to the GP last week ....

From there it's been a rollercoaster with an appointment in just over a week's time at the Breast Clinic and that was where I've been today.  The consultant squeezed the nipple, said he didn't like clear liquid and hence he would like to do surgery and remove the offending milk duct.  Just the fact that something is going on there at my age (65) seemed to give him grounds for concern. It's a day case but needs a "general" and subseqently all that sitting around being post-operative I guess.

It's a bit of a blow I have to admit, and I had a little cry when I got to the pre-op assessment at Outpatients.   Not something I would normally do, but I had rather been taken by surprise by the outcome.  Somehow I'd (rather stupidly) thought I'd be teflon-coated from now on.  But let's face it, even the best non-stick surface ultimately fails!! LOL