Friday, 6 November 2015

Five years and counting

Well, I've made it.  I've arrived at the five year point since diagnosis of lung cancer.  This is unusual and my consultant confirmed that fact today when the word "cure" actually passed his lips.  I am unusual, not least because I had chemo before surgery, but also because the odds of surviving lung cancer for long are horrendously low.

Instead of casting me out into big wide world, he's asked to see me again in six months - because I am an odd case. He originally told me that after five years I'd be in the clear.  I sort of think he didn't really believe I'd get to this point.  But now I have he wants to keep tabs on me.  And while I get very anxious every time I see him, there is something very reassuring to be told that all is well.

He's asked me to talk to a supporters' group which he's going to set up comprising lung cancer and mesothelioma patients and I've agreed.  I warned him that I will wax lyrical about diet and lifestyle, but he has no objection to that.  As he put it jokingly, it's pay back time.  And actually he's right.  I do find myself being approach several times a month either by people who have been recently diagnosed with cancer or whose relatives or friends have.  I do what I can to share the knowledge that I have gained. 

I've been told by many people I should write a book,  but the shelves are full of books by inspirational cancer survivors and I don't really want to go back to the place I inhabited for so long during treatment.  This way, I can help without getting too heavily involved and it won't allow cancer to define my life.

Some will be shocked to know that I celebrated tonight with a good meal, a large glass of red wine and - horror of horror - icecream and chocolate sauce with sugar in it!  Well, just once in a while I'm sure it won't do too much harm. 

I shall sleep well tonight.  Goodnight all.