Tuesday, 5 January 2016

And now with a picture

I know I've written about this before but now it's with a picture.

I'm resisting trimming my hair because I don't want to lose the chemo curl. Having wanted natural curls all my life, now to have just a gentle wave right at the ends is so nice and such an unexpected benefit from a rather unpleasant episode. I've become rather fond of the twist, so much so that I have even bothered to take a picture of it.

The rest of my hair is ridiculously straight - completely straight - and always has been up until now. Just the very ends of the hairs that survived the chemo are affected.  These are the hairs which were growing before chemo started, which didn't fall out and which are still in evidence.

Here they are - chemo curls (OK, perhaps not curls, but gentle bending)  resulting from six tranches of chemotherapy for lung cancer.