Thursday, 13 December 2012

I do

I really cannot get excited by the controversy about same sex couples getting married. The objections I find quite baffling.  For a start marriage is a most unsound contract.  A contract between two people - and let's face it that's what marriage is in the legal sense - is based upon the understanding that both parties have the wherewithall to fulfill the contract.  However, no-one can promise that they will wake up every day of their life loving another person. They may of course and isn't that just wonderful. But the chances are that at some point they won't, because love is an emotion which tends to ebb and flow.

Love is all the wonderful things that St Paul said it was but one thing is isn't is guaranteed. It cannot be guaranteed. Ergo the marriage contract is flawed. 

But that's not to say that marriage isn't a lovely state into which two people might enter. As far as I can see, two people promising to stay together for the rest of their lives (and that part of the marriage contract is entirely valid - that is a promise which can be kept), sharing, bearing and caring for children if children should be part of their lives, is fabulous.  Why should two women or two men - or two bisexuals for that matter - not have the legal and social benefit of marriage?  No-one has provided me with any sensible reason why same sex marriage is not the most Christian of concepts.

So as the Facebook postings that I've seen recently so rightly say:  if you don't agree with same sex marriage, then don't marry someone of the same sex!