Friday, 8 February 2013

Green shoots of optimism

It's very difficult to remain optimistic while the storms of ice and snow rage round us or when unrelenting gloom fails to lift.  But optimistic I am - about all sorts of things.  There's green shoots in my garden and I'm not finding it too difficult to eat less.  Yes, I've put on weight - now back to size 18. I did so enjoy that move to 16 and in some cases 14, plus I've bought a mother-of-the-bride outfit which goes on - but only just and not very prettily at the moment.

After a very gloomy January economically I'm seeing signs amongst those in business that I know that there really are green shoots.  For a start, I've done very little work in the last year. My expenses will greatly outweigh my income - yet I've had to quote twice in the last week and have been awarded one small job.  Another I think I would have got had it not been for an unfortunately-positioned holiday,  A little bit of real work would be nice.  That's not to say I'm not very busy every day - I don't stop.  But I don't earn any money. With savings depreciating more than inflation, I'd like to be able to ensure an even keel.

On the health front, I'm in very good shape.  Every now and then I receive a reminder of what's happened and I feel the sharp stab of eventual mortality. But apart from that everything in my garden is sunny and very rosy.

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