Thursday, 7 November 2013

Thinking first

We're beset at the moment with one cause or another, one proposition to like or not.  And it's so easy to click on a link and pass it on.

I have two internet rules to which I do find it hard to adhere I must admit:

1.  "Never put on the internet - even into an email - anything that I wouldn't want the whole wide world to see."

2. Never forward anything or support anything that I haven't completely understood and thoroughly researched first.

And so it was today when a friend posted something which was undoubtedly just, which was extremely funny but which included personal details sufficient that both a company and an individual could be identified, that I hesitated.

Do you know, I actually asked myself: "can I afford to click on this?" - as in, can I afford the financial penalty should what I'm passing on not prove to be true, is a fabrication and therefore a defamation of character?  It couldn't be checked out so I decided not to share it.

Maybe I'm especially sensitive given that I have in the past received threats of actions for defamation from two of the best personal reputation lawyers in London. Maybe I am sensible. Maybe I'm too cautious. But at least by not getting involved I now don't need to think about that one cause ever again ................ well not until the next person sends it to me.

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