Thursday, 6 February 2014

The devil incarnate

Happy new year everyone.  I do so hope that 2014 is full of love and laughter for you - because laughter is so very good for the body as well as the soul. 

Well, that's a surprise I must say.  At last sugar, or I think to be more exact, glucose has got the media coverage that it so richly deserves and been labelled the devil incarnate. Chris Woollams at Canceractive has been banging on about this for years. If you aren't subscribed to his newsletter I do urge you to do so. It always arrives with some wonderful nugget of information on the latest research. And don't feel you have to have cancer already to sign up for it. Prevention is to be desired.

So the big question is - now that sugar's getting the bad press: are we now to have fats reassessed in the light of this revelation?  There always has to be a baddy to aim products at. And if so, what on earth is the pharmaceutical industry going to do if the true cost, in terms of side effects, of statins ever gets out?

You see, when it comes to science at cellular level, what we know now is a dot in an ocean of what's really going on.  Forgive me if I've ever lectured you on this before, but just contemplate for a moment if you will, the sperm and egg which go to form an embryonic cuckoo. Miniscule form in single cells.  Then think that not only contained in those two microscopic entities are all the key signatures that go to form the bird itself but also the urge to fly, with no example being provided by a parent because no such influence is available, halfway across the world to Africa and back. What memory must there be stored there - what enormous quantity of information.  The mind does indeed boggle.

And then consider cellular memory in light of transplant information.  There's plenty out there on the net if you care to look, about how people with transplants are somehow different and sometimes with spooky results. The theory of cellular memory certainly makes sense of Journey Therapy which I can thoroughly recommend if you want a quick fix for emotional damage.

And last week I read an article in a magazine about proper scientific tests on water that had been so diluted (yes, we're talking homeopathy here) that the remains of the original substance it was mixed with had well and truly departed, yet it retained the signature of that substance.

This led me to ponder water from the tap.  Chlorine which my thyroid won't like.  Even if I filter my water as I do, it will have the chlorine signature within it.  I briefly contemplated collecting rainwater but then I wondered about the pollution because goodness knows what arrives via the sky from continents half a world away.

There are some things you can change about your lifestyle, there are some things that it's more difficult to change and water's a big problem.  But one of the easy wins is sugar. If you are reading this, I do so urge you to cut it out.  It won't be easy.  About 98% of the supermarket food shelves will be irrelevant to you because sugar is in pretty well everything processed. You know they even use it to cure bacon.  But if you succeed you'll feel so much better; I know I do.

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