Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Life goes on

Well here I am with the extra check up creeping up on me fast.  I should be clear of hospitals until May next year but having persuaded my consultant that I'd miss him, I'm going back in a couple of weeks for another checkup.

In the meantime I've just had breast cancer screening.  It was part of the normal mammogram routine which comes round every three years.  For me the timing was just right as I've had a bit of breast tenderness recently.  A quick Google revealed that such a thing is not uncommon and in any case it seems to have gone away. But knowing that an X-ray was on the cards has made me feel a bit better and saved me an anxious trip to the GP for reassurance.

I've been quite heartened recently hearing about some of the research that is going on.  This piece of news seems particularly promising.  There's many a drug designed for one purpose that has turned out to be beneficial for another. 

I remain a devotee of Canceractive and Chris Woollams - and if you've stumbled upon this blog because you are seeking knowledge about cancer, I do recommend to take a stroll around the Canceractive web site. If nothing else, understanding what is going on when cancer is diagnosed will empower you - whether you have cancer or whether you are supporting someone else with cancer.

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