Friday, 6 March 2015

Missing info

I waited about a week before chasing up the breast clinic because when I looked at the information I'd been given to bring home, I realised that - while I had loads of general information about day surgery procedures - I did not have so much as the name of the operation I am facing.  The appointment came by phone after about a week of no communication. It's Friday 13th - which doesn't worry me at all.  What does concern me is that even when I received the confirmation letter for the appointment it said no more than "breast surgery".

Eventually a copy letter from the consultant to my GP arrived. Now I'm not sure who I actually saw for the assessment, as someone else has signed the letter. It is broadly accurate.  What I don't understand is why when consultants write these letters they always contain a general health narrative, telling the GP things which are never quite correct but which -  in any case - the GP should know very well.  Most of the letter is a waste of time!

But at least I now have the name of what I'm facing. I am having a sub-areola ductal tissue excision.What I'd Googled was the right thing and online I was able to find answers to all the questions which I was not invited to ask at the hospital.  I am actually wondering if they will ever give me the opportunity.

There is clearly something missing in terms of information for women like me, who are inevitably worried they might have breast cancer. Have they forgotten to give me the info sheet? Other hospitals have them. I've found them online.

I feel a letter of helpful suggestions coming on - but I'll wait until after the procedure I think in case there's anything more to add to the catalogue of missing information.

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