Thursday, 7 May 2015

All clear

An auspicious day, no, not the general election, but my follow up appointment for the breast op.  I arrived early as I normally do, and amazingly was called almost immediately.  I saw a "member of the team" who assured me all was well.

It was at this point I found out that I no longer have any milk ducts under my right nipple.  I also found out that the increasingly inverted nipple is a side effect.  Now, I think it's a bit late to start telling someone the side effects of surgery eight weeks afterwards.  Another piece of interesting information I derived from the staff member was that smokers or ex smokers are more likely suffer from nipple discharge. That's fascinating. 

So my campaign to get the information from the Breast Unit sorted so that patients are informed continues.  In theory there is a meeting pending with Head of Cancer Services at the local hospital and a member of the breast team.  I'm waiting for a date. .......

Now there's just the lung checkup next week and my life should be blissfully free from any more NHS appointments for at least a year ......................... fingers crossed, eh?

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