Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Time for a curl

Yes, I know, it's been ages since I've written and that's been because my days have been filled with the work involved in the disposal of someone else's possessions.  My mother died in the middle of April after a sudden decline and it has fallen on me to sort out everything.  It's been a full time job and sometimes I didn't think I'd ever see the light through the forest of unending forms and the thick undergrowth of legalities.  But now it's nearly all done and there's time to think of other things.

Strangely enough, the one thing that I'm thinking about is that after all these years, after a teenhood sleeping in those plastic and foam rollers, after a really bad perm in teh 80s the result of which I absolutely hated, and long after I'd ever given up any hope of ever having so much as a bend in my hair that was all my own - I now have one!  Yup, it's true.

It's very odd, but even one of my daughters remarked on it the other day: mum you have a curl in your hair.   At the very end there's a lovely little turn and just the hint of a wave. Being me I have to know why and I think the explanation is in the chemo hair phenomenon.

The end of my long hair has now been trimmed to just about where the chemo first occurred. You'll remember I'm sure that I can see the bands of six chemo treatments on every strand of my hair.  Well it looks as if where the damage occurred I have a nice little wave. Out of all the side effects that was one I hadn't bargained on - but it's so nice.  I keep looking at the turn in the mirror and feeling a strong sense of satisfaction that I can go out in the rain and the kink will still be there, only more so. 

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