Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Whoopity do dah! Whoopity day!

Just heard from the Macmillan cancer nurse that the CT scan I had last week showed nothing untoward - the small shadow at the bottom of the remaining right lung lobe would appear to be, as expected, merely scar tissue from the surgery.

It's just so sad that even this little piece of communication didn't go to plan. The nurse had said she would ring yesterday, after the meeting. She didn't. So I called this morning; no-one there. I left a message.

The original ANP (advanced nurse practitioner) - there are two at the moment in this post doing a job share - that we'd seen upon my diagnosis rang back so it was very nice to be able to have a chat with her. They are run off their feet so I can't really complain about the lack of a phone call. It's a very small thing - the trouble is that, for me, it was a very big issue.

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  1. What wonderful news - hope you are going to celebrate! x