Saturday, 25 February 2012

Nurturing channels

Yesterday our dowser attended for the second time, to finish conversion of the channels of disruptive energy which run through our house to those of nuturing energy. I've been on a bit of a 'high' recently - it seems to drive me to achieve more and more. I'd decided that it was a release of pent up energy, due to the muted nature of my existence for the past 14 months or so; a sort of post traumatic stress but one which manifests itself in the completion of tasks rather than depression.

It had not occurred to me for one moment, until a friend pointed it out, that this energy could be due to the earlier conversion of the line of geopathic stress which ran in a line right through where I sleep. I must must say that would offer an explanation. I'm particularly baffled for instance, why I should be on a physical and mental high when three days aog I forgot completely to take my thyroxine. One might have expected a dip in energy, but no, I'm storming ahead, if anything more energised than ever before. My thyroxine dose hasn't been upped since the thyroid surgery and I would have expected, had a higher dose been needed, that just about now lethagy might manifest itself.

Back to the geopathic stress. Our dowser, having completed his task, then proceeded to check the level of strength of the lines. There's a scale apparently of one to sixteen, so we have the one going through the bed at 9, one cutting through the house in the middle which hits an armchair where the cat rather liked to sit, that's 7. The highest grade line is at 11 and that's the one that passes right through my desk and my keyboard.

What can we expect now? Well goodness knows; that 11 strength field of energy passing through my fingers now might produce anything. As they say, watch this space. What will be really interesting is finding out where the cat wants to sleep; they like the negative lines and what it will make of the conversion to nurturing energy is anyone's guess.

Want to read about geopathic stress? - then try this, it says much of what the dowser told us.

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