Monday, 20 August 2012


Everyone always asks how I am. The answer is absolutely fine. I feel great; I have no residual problems or discomforts except for the strange feeling in my feet. That's now so much part of me, if I were to wake with normal feeling in my toes and soles I'd find it extremely odd.

I'm waiting for a summons to visit the chest physician again for my six month check up, but apart from that (which I know will rekindle some unpleasant thoughts), all in the garden is lovely. Actually all in the garden is lovely, metaphorically and literally. I've enormous Bizzie Lizzies and some spectactular nasturtiums coming on. I like eating nasturtium seeds so I'm hoping for a large crop.

Our granddaughter is fabulous - those of you who know me will probably have seen her photo. She is, as all babies are, absolutely gorgeous.  We've seen her quite a bit last weekend as we've had several days of celebration for my husband who has reached 70. He looks about 55. Must be because he's so happy being married to me!

My new company - the one developing a software platform - is going very well. It's all terribly exciting and once we're up and running with a beta I'll be able to tell you all about it. Retirement is fabulous - I've never been so busy!

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