Thursday, 6 September 2012

1am and still buzzing

It's just one of those nights. There's a barking deer making a dreadful din outside; that's a muntjac. They are quite small, the size of a large dog and they make a terrible noise at night sometimes with their hoarse bark.  I'm sitting at the computer polishing off a few tasks as my brain appears to be working exceptionally well at the moment. Not sure why - it just happens that way sometimes.  My most creative moments are usually in the early hours. I think it's because it's so incredibly quiet and nothing is likely to interrupt the flow.

I'm aware that the project to sing through Hymns Ancient & Modern (Revised) has floundered somewhat but I'm hoping to continue that when autumn's chilly fingers start to claw at the days and the pull of the garden or other outside pursuits are not so keen. I'm also aware that I really ought to be doing some exercise.

I met a couple of people in the last week who were really inspirational in their keep fit routines. One was running regularly, although they'd never ever run before. The other was walking and aims to have completes a thousand miles in the year. In both cases they just do it to do it. I really have a problem with that. I think I've touched on it here before. It doesn't achieve anything and I do feel that if I'm going to expend significant amounts of energy then there should be some point to it. I'd be happy to do something energetic if it achieved something other than kept me fit. So there you go, dear friends. There's your challenge. What exercise could I do which was not selfish in its ambition and actually achieved something other than my personal gratification?

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