Thursday, 1 March 2012

Spring is sprung ...

.... or at least here it's trying exceptionally hard. I've just been sunbathing, not for the first time this year I have to add. I'm a believer in the theory that we evolved to be in the sun and that while it might lessen the wrinkles, staying out of the sun is unnatural. It's interesting that nowadays the "experts" are saying the same thing. So any chance of a little ray or two and the opportunity to produce some vitamin D, then I'm there lapping it up with Simba the cat. I'm also a sceptic when it comes to suncreams - if anything's unnatural then it's putting chemicals and nano particles into your body. But that's a rant for another day I think.

I've been to a networking meeting this morning, not really in the hope of finding any businesss but for fun. I had a lunch yesterday which was equally entertaining. I always come back with a large number of business cards with things scribbled on the back listing things I need to do.

Today a homeopath described herself as a health detective. I didn't realise that homeopaths entered quite so far into the holistic approach - but they do. It was when this lady gave a for-instance of grief affecting the lungs that I really sat up and took notice. Remember all the grief that came out when I did my first session of Journey therapy? All these alternatives to conventional wisdom and medicine seem to converge at various points which does, in my opinion, add up to quite a lot.

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