Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Two days - or is it three? - of unbridled sunshine means that soon we'll be complaining about the temperature being too hot. We're never satisfied are we. Well, actually  I am. I'm extremely satisfied at the moment.  I've run out of urgent things to do; all I have left to do is to compile a list of what I'm going to pack for our week away.

But there is one thing which is bugging me and that that's the fact that our cat has been missing now for two days.  I'm taking some comfort from the fact that a neighbour's cat has been behaving differently since the hot weather - making infrequent visits to his food. The trouble is that our cat has not been in for food. I guess he's either a stiff by the side of a road somewhere or has gone off to look for better lodgings. Yes, I know - sometimes cats come back after weeks away and I do hope ours will.

We moan about him. We moan about the mess he makes. I moaned about the fact he sprayed inside the van (to mark it as his territory) on Sunday. I moan about the fact he won't let me use the keyboard and I've had to put his blanket here so that he can lie down on my desk while I'm working. But after all that moaning, I really am missing him and there's a big hole in my life where our great big bruiser of a cat used to be.

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  1. I can truely 'empathise' with you. At some point in time please ask Em why I use the word empathize instead of 'empathetic'. We had long discussion about it the other day. I have since done some reading on the use of both words and found out that 'empathise' is the older of the two words - so that explains why I prefer it - being of an old fashioned nature myself.
    Sadly my gorgreous bunny has hopped his last hop and I am left with a big empty hutch outside my kitchen window... Anyway - I am sending messages to your moggy to return to your pc desk. Jx