Sunday, 13 November 2011

Shifting of the sands maybe?

I really can't work out what the anti capitalism camp is about although I do admire the spirit of those involved. If one of the campers could tell me what should be in the place of capitalism, then I'd think the protest had some legs. As it is, it just seems to be against something, when what the world needs is people to be for things - we need positive words and actions for good.

I know in our dreams we'd all like to rob rich bankers and financial institution CEOs of their millions and hand it out to the poor. But that would achieve very little. What is needed is a climate of responsibility. You wouldn't light up a fag in a church. No-one needs to explain why. We all know it's just not done. It's indecent, it's disrepectful. So wouldn't it be wonderful if, once a salary had reached, let's say, £100K (to be on the generous side) the recipient knew that not to give away - to those less fortunate - anything over and above that sum would be an act of gross indecency, an act of disrespect for fellow human beings. Now that would be a far better solution.

It's not so much of a daydream you know. A couple of centuries ago there were lots of philanthropists - many of them Quakers - who did just that.

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