Monday, 21 November 2011

What a weekend

Nine extra for the night on Saturday; brief tidy up and then a tea party yesterday afternoon. Dinner out tonight. What a wonderful weekend I've had.

Over the past few days I've met lots of people who haven't seen me for ages, six months, some over a year or even more. News of my cancer had reached them. So I've been explaining countless times just where I am in the grand scheme of things and how I feel about it. I thought I'd share with you the same information.

I describe this latest investigation of my thyroid gland as just a bit of an irritant to my day to day activites; I regard it as something akin to the importance of an ingrowing toenail (although that would be painful, whereas I am blissful free of any discomfort anywhere on my body.) Yes, I know you're thinking: she can't be serious. But I am. It just doesn't bother me because I know that if it is cancer then it's easily sorted.

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