Sunday, 8 April 2012

Alleluia - my voice is returning!

It's quite appropriate I guess to head this up with an alleluia - for today is Easter Sunday and I've been singing for hours. OK my tones are less that rounded and pure at times, some Bs and Cs have been questionable, but it's working better and better the more I sing.

Up to this point I was worried that I might strain it unduly by doing a lot of singing, but over the past week I've been working it hard. Two services on Good Friday and then a band rehearsal, a MCing job (albeit not singing) last night meant that I was projecting my voice, and then two services in one morning today.

Perhaps I was right after all in my theory that the thyroid nodules were affecting my voice. Maybe my wildest dream could come true and it might end up better than it was before it started to decline. Wouldn't that be wonderful!

I'm thinking that I need to sing every day and not just songs in a key of my choosing. Should I attempt to sing right through Hymns Ancient & Modern starting at the first one and doing the whole 600 or so - or at least the ones I know tunes for?  One a day - that sounds like a plan. I'll let you know how I get on.

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