Tuesday, 17 April 2012

My Annus Bonus

Behind the scenes here at Holly Cottage we've had a right old Latin lesson and I can now confirm my Annus Bonus as a quick description of the year in which I was saved.

It's amazing how quickly that disruption to my life has sunk into my past - only I'm not so sure my subconscious feels quite as at peace about the whole thing as I feel on the surface. My dreams are strange and I reckon that during the night the old grey cells are busy trying to rearrange the record to take into account the buffeting my psyche received last year.

Physically I forget entirely that I am anything but whole - I certainly feel hearty.  Interestingly enough a binge on Saturday night during which I ate everything on my plate and drank champagne, wine and finally a double of single malt, is something I will not repeat. I had a hangover, unsurprisingly - not a bad one, but unmistakeably a hangover.  I apologised to my liver and vowed to get back on the no alcohol and no sugar routine immediately.

When I say I forget entirely, well I do with the exception of one or two twinges which have been apparent in the past couple of weeks, around the site of the incision in my back. I am conscious of something - as if I've done a bit too much lifting - but only very slightly. If a medic asked me to describe what and where I wouldn't be able to. It's too subtle a feeling. I can only conclude that some of the nerves are re-establishing contact around the site of the incision.  Jolly good show eh!

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  1. Absolutely - a Jolly Good show Sue!!!!!