Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Bad science

I must apologise for the appallingly bad science of my rash theory. As a dear friend who has been my signpost for so much of my cancer journey has pointed out, and as my nutritionist has also stated, Vitamin C tablets contain lots of other things. They're right - I checked the ones I've been taken are full of all sorts of very long-named chemicals.

It's quite possible that my rash (and the rashes attributed by others to Vitamin C) are caused by an over-sufficiency of some other ingredient. Nevertheless I am continuing without the food supplement now and (if I can resist hubby's wonderful homemade bread) going back on my austere diet in order to rid myself of the excesses of Easter (yes, I did eat some Easter eggs) and hopefully deplete some of the excess adipose tissue around my waist in time for summer.

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