Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Busy, busy, busy

I'm just so busy at the moment; so much do do. We're about to fetch some damp proof membrane and four paving slabs from Travis Perkins and bed Franc the Van down in his winter quarters. It would have been lovely to have had another outing, but the weather's not so good now and we've just run out of time, so we'll tuck him up in his warm van blanket and empty all his tanks and wish him a happy winter.

Our daughter is much recovered and I see form her Facebook page that she did some retail therapy yesterday - which is a good sign.

Me? Well I'm now getting some of those strange nerve tweaks which I understand are what happens when nerves grow back. They are infrequent but just every now and then I feel a strange sharp tingle somewhere on my back or side.

I saw the GP on Monday and he has started the referral process for the ear, nose and throat consultant who will take a look at my thyroid. Using "Choose and Book" - yes, IT for the NHS really does work - I have secured myself an appointment in 60 days time. In the meantime I'm just going to forget all about it. I can't forget about the drugs though because the GP is relunctant to take me off the beta blocker and the asprin, although my heart has been in perfect order for the past month. He reckons while I'm still on track for potentially more treatment we should leave doses as they are. That's a nuisance as I think it restricts me a little, making me pause for breath when otherwise I wouldn't. Hey, ho, I'll just put up with it until November and then we'll see. It did occur to me that I could unilaterally stop taking the stuff and then I would remove from the GP the responsibility for the decision. I'm still thinking about that.

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