Monday, 26 September 2011

A little white one

Well I was not wrong. Though my energy level is as high as ever, my Reiki practitioner explained that all but one of my chakras was blocked. I suspect that our whole family is suffering post-traumatic stress. It's going to take a long time and many tears before the loss of our lovely grandson ceases to be at the forefront of all our lives.

Yesterday we eat a family dinner all together and it's moments like that which are very important to all of us I think. It had its lighter moments, one of them being around deception. Earlier in the day four of us - three generations - had gone shopping. It's strange but I still don't feel right shopping on a Sunday; it's just that when I grew up you couldn't. Being in a rural area there simply were no shops whatsoever open on a Sunday.

Anyway, my crime yesterday was even worse than shopping on the Lord's Day - it was shopping at a certain supermarket that we love to hate. When the matter of what we had bought and where was raised later at dinner, the question was put to our seven year old granddaughter. Most amazingly she lied with the ease of a true professional con-woman. Not only that, but upon further quizzing by her mother (who was enjoying the joke enormously) as to which section the cream might have been located in that particular supermarket, the little star of dissemblance said quick as a flash: "milk and dairy".

Such accomplishment at such a young age. We did laugh. I remember a wise man telling me once that children are not civilised until they have learnt to lie politely, as in: "And how are you?" - "Very well, thank you."

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