Friday, 23 September 2011

Blocked channel maybe?

I remember hearing something on Radio 4 about dreams a while back; that you dream and work things out in your head about seven days after the event. I've been dreaming massively, not just last thing before I get up, but waking during the night due to cranial disturbance.

Maybe I'm slightly traumatised by recent events - it would be unsurprising if I wasn't - and yesterday I had an unmistakeable feeling of something not being right with me. At first I thought I might be sickening for another bout of vestibular neuritis where my balance is affected. It's something to do with the semi circular canals and the little hairs therein going awry. I used to suffer from it before I discovered my thyroid was playing up. But no, I don't think it's that. It's not anything I can really put my finger on; it's far more abstract, a sort of spiritual not-rightness - the antithesis of my usual (these days) right as rain and zooming along feeling.

I'm pretty sure I need another Reiki session and that something somewhere is blocked; some energy channel. So I've contacted my Reiki practitioner and I've booked for her to see me on Monday.

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