Friday, 16 September 2011

A small ray of sunshine

The very small room in which our daughter has been incarcerated for the past four days was beginning to get her down. There's no TV there because of course it's not designed for anyone to stay very long, being on the labour ward. The arguments over blood chemistry continued into the morning but at lunchtime the consultant instructed that she be discharged on the grounds that she was much more likely to be relaxed at home than in hospital. I suppose where blood pressue is concerned this is a valid point.

So when I last saw her she was tucked up on her very own sofa in their very own house with her older sister drying her hair. Hopefully now the real recovery can start to take place.

Everywhere I went in the town that they lived I bumped into people either asking about my health or our daughter's. People are just so very kind; I know lots of you have have sent messages of condolence and support and we're all very grateful.

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  1. So pleased that she's now home.