Thursday, 22 March 2012


Of course my ears picked up when I heard the recent media coverage of the benefits of asprin. It's so easy to think in terms of pills. Pop a pill to cure the ill. The news prompted me to look up salicylic acid. I knew it was derived from willow and of course it's obvious that it won't just be in willow.

A quick Google found this list of foods containing salicylic acid. In that list of foods containing the acid is a load of those which I put in my diet when I devised it back in November 2010. It makes no sense to pop a pill. If you can eat food rich in the desired nutrient you'll also be consuming various other things too which will, in all likelihood, be necessary to facilitate absorption. Asprin does carry a health warning. But foodstuffs? Have you ever heard of anyone suffering stomach bleeding from eating too many mushrooms?

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