Monday, 19 March 2012


I've just been to a salt cave - a room where you sit and relax, fully clothed, and breathe in salt air. It was lovely and in the first five seconds I could feel my sinuses loosen up. The room was inches deep in salt and the walls appeared to be salt covered. My ears were fed a diet of soothing tones and the noise of waves breaking on a shore.

Salt therapy has, according to Wikipedia, been around since the Romans. There are many things claimed for it which I haven't investigated and there are some aspects that might well benefit my own family. So I think I'll probably go back for a proper session; today's was just a taster. In fact, if any of you are interested then take a look at Salt Cave. Your first visit is absolutely free and there's no obligation to go back and have another session.

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  1. Your words painted a picture in my mind - it sounds absolutely lovely... Would it be worth them considering a short video on their website??(Even if just shot on a camera phone.)