Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Fungus the bogeyman

It's been hot, so hot in fact that this morning I had to come in out of the sun. One or two midges have had little nibbles at my arms, but it was when I changed to try on a dress I'm making that I noticed these strange blotches round my abdomen. Worried, I Googled 'shingles' and having seen the gruesome pictures promptly made an appointment with the GP. I saw the one totally without people skills only this time I wasn't bothered about that.

Not shingles, he thought, but instead a fungal problem. He didn't specify which - I don't think he knew. The presription cream lists some conditions that it's effective against so I had yet more unpleasant images to Google when I got back. I'm not much more enlighted though.

Yuck - here's me with a body almost totally devoid of noxious sugars and yeasts - finding that despite that I'm host to an outbreak of fungus. I've got an antifungal cream to use and I'm sure it won't last long but, yuk, fungus. After all the care I've taken of myself in the last year and this happens!

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