Tuesday, 25 October 2011

At last

I have today finally managed to extricate all the remaining large clothes from wardrobes and black plastic bags and sort them into categories: animal charity shop or Ebay. The Ebay lot went online earlier this evening and some have already sold. I've packaged up three items ready for despatch tomorrow.

The really good news is that my purple outfit ("When I am an old woman I shall wear purple) which I put on Ebay a week or so ago has just sold for about the price it cost me several years ago. I have already purchased a purple dress for about the same amount. Bingo!

And there's been more good news from the deep recesses of my bottom drawer. In it I keep strange items of clothing; things that I might want if someone insists that I dress as a hippy or a witch. I had several long black skirts which I'd made over the years and couldn't bear to part with. On Saturday I was able to wear the smallest of them again; now that's something I never ever thought possible.

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