Thursday, 6 October 2011

Never forgotten

"We lay you down" we all responded as our little grandson was lowered into the earth. The moment I had so much dreaded was indeed heartbreaking but somehow sharing that heartbreak with so many lovely people went just a little way towards its mitigation.

My son-in-not-yet-but-one-day-soon-I-expect-law had written a charming poem about his son; about his aspirations for the future, about the loss of losing him and about the sadness and the disappointment. It was beautiful, poignant and a wonderful tribute and delivered without falter by the author. How he managed that I don't know, but he did.

We had organised a willow coffin made from the finest Somerset willow and finely crafted by a local basket maker. Upon it rested a tiny posy of white and blue flowers and the sun shone upon us in our village graveyard as we lay the little lad down.

We'll never forget.

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  1. So very sorry to see this post. My very sincere condolences and love to you, your family and of course your son and the little fella's mum. x