Monday, 31 October 2011

Gossip while you serve

My little shopping spree today has not gone well. I've just realised that a rather splendid black top purchased in a charity shop has been left behind; I need to go back and get it this afternoon. But that's not the only item I left behind today.

On a search for cork tiles I visited a DIY outlet, one in a well-known chain and for which coincidentally our two daughters work in head office. I found the tiles and made my way to the checkout where the assistant proceeded with her conversation with another assistant standing nearby. She had the good grace to acknowledge that I wanted to pay for the item but there was no way she was going to look at me, smile or interrupt what was obviously an exceptionally important conversation all about who was unhappy about what. I duly paid and then said, not in anger, but with a kindly helpful tone: "You know you really ought to be paying attention to the customer when you're serving them." Both assistants realised their error immediately and, looking shame-faced, one apologised as I turned on my heel and left. The moment of triumph was completely ruined by the fact that I left the tiles on the counter and they had to call me back to pick them up! Dohhhhhhhhhhhhh.