Friday, 14 October 2011

Season of mists (I wonder if I used that title last year too?)

It was the first day of condensation on the inside of the window of my office - or condescension as I often like to call it. It's similarly unpleasant and unwelcome. This means that autumn is really here and soon I shall be double glazing one or two windows with cling film again no doubt.*

We've had the harvest festival and now after the auction at the start of the week we're eating our way through abundant apples, bags of beetroot and copious cabbages.

I've been terribly busy the last few days and have lists of uncompleted tasks spread around the house. When I went out to work there was at least some distinction between personal jobs and work jobs. Now I find I'm in a bit of a muddle; I must learn to distinguish.

My earnings have been absolutely miniscule and my pile of expense receipts grows larger every day so I'm obviously doing something right. What's more I heard from the accountant that Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs Office will be repaying me a sizeable sum any day now. What joy eh!

But back to the season. I am poised to place all my recently acquired summer garments in a plastic bag for storage until next year. But given the temperature today and the fact that the cat and I almost got sunburnt when we took our tea break, I'm not so sure that's a good idea. The other thing I can't decide upon yet is whether or not to cut my toe nails right down to their winter length, so that they don't chafe in Wellingtons. Or will I need to display them again in sandals? These quandries are what concern me these days. That's the blessing of semi-retirement.

*Yes, clingfilm does the job. It's best if you can get a more or less airtight seal but I don't like to risk taking the paint off the windows, so I use little bits of Selotape (you can't see them) and it just provides another layer of air for insulation. No, seriously, it really works a treat.

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