Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Dental discussions

My visit to the dentist (the one that I promised to spend an inordinate amount of money with, should I be spared) was more about Reiki, the Journey and (a new one for me) geopathic stress, than teeth. Despite that a large bill for a crown is now looming.

Back to geopathic stress. Could it be that our house is not the most healthy space to be living in? Has it always been thus or could something have changed? Living on a spring line of greensand over clay fits the bill for underground streams and we also have a mast which seems to be growing by the year not far away.

Trawling the web it's difficult to find independent information or a site that isn't peddling a product or a service but for those of you who are also curious this will enlighten you. This is something I now have to investige and maybe I should be taking steps to mitigate the dangers. That could mean purchasing some gadget of undefined functionality or maybe sleeping with cork under the bed (I kid you not!) The latter would be cheaper I must say.

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