Saturday, 29 October 2011


I never did tell you about last Saturday did I. The day dawned very bright so instead of cleaning the house we went to a nearby town where we sat in the sunshine for two hours or more, beside a market selling all manner of French goodies. Friends came and went, family gathered, and all in all it was a splendid morning. I felt euphoric.

It being lunch time I suggested to the assembled company that we make our way to a nearby hostelry for lunch. Our lunch party of eight people continued into the early afternoon. The evening was also spent in great company with some fantastic music being played.

I was as happy as I could possibly have been all through last Saturday; I was carried along by an unfamiliar wave of euphoria. Now don't get me wrong; I'm not a miserable person. It's just that sometimes I get moments when I'm just as happy as happy can be and the moment on that day lasted right through, right until I went to bed.

It was the Journey practitioner (you will recall I saw her for another session just six days before that Saturday) who pointed out to me that unbridled happiness is a feature of Journey therapy. She rang to follow up on my appointment and was not in the least surprised to hear of my happy day. Apparently sometimes it happens immediately; sometimes it happens days or weeks after. But it often happens.

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