Wednesday, 14 December 2011

All OK

My follow-up appointment with the respiratory consultant that I saw right at the beginning of my lung cancer episode took place this morning. I had a list of questions for him.

I wanted to know if the whole shadow on my lung had been cancerous, as opposed to some of it being scar tissue from infection. The answer was 100% cancer, which means that if only 5% cancer remained then the chemo was 95% effective. Impressive eh?!

I told him the tale of my disobedience regarding the beta blocker; he listened to my heart and agreed with me that I didn't need them. Phew - much relief there as I didn't want the surgery delayed.

He was quite impressed with my appearance, weight loss and attitude - and had the presence of mind to thank my hubby for his support which I thought was a nice touch. The Macmillan nurse said several times how wonderful I looked - she was clearly quite surprised at the outcome also. I told him that I'd given up sugar and alcohol and I got the impression he was pleased with that. But apart from discussion about my weight there were no other questions about what I'd done and whether or not that had helped my case. Incredible. If it were me (being the consultant that is) I'd be so incredibly curious. I don't think I'd be able to stop myself from asking even if it wasn't the norm to do so.

I will undergo a chest Xray every six months for the next three years and he'll review it each time. And basically that's it - as far as the lung is concerned.

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