Tuesday, 6 December 2011

That was quick

I've spent the rest of the day - since the news of the thyroid surgery - with my hubby, collecting Christmas trees and unloading logs, basically to take my mind off it.

We arrived home, I put the kettle on and the phone rang. It was the consultant's secretary telling me that they would do a pre-assessment of me tomorrow afternoon and then surgery on 19th December. It should necessitate merely an overnight stay, sometimes two she said. This will all take place at the hospital just 10 minutes away from us.

Singing carols this Christmas might be a bit of a tall order, and yes, there's a risk to my vocal chords, but hey, I'll be shot of whatever it is or is not by the big day itself and able to enjoy the festive season with all the family and with no worries. Hip hip hurray!

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