Tuesday, 6 December 2011

As expected

Just got back from the ENT consultant. The biopsy on my thyroid was inconclusive and he thinks the evidence for the possibility of cancer in the right lobe of my thyoid is such that it should come out. I don't know when yet but if it's before Christmas I'll go for it on the basis that it's best not to have cancerous cells running round your body for any longer than necessary.

Nice consultant - very amenable. Said that he reckons all the nice people get cancer so he's taking steps to avoid it!

I know that this outcome has been hanging over me for a year, but like the death of someone who you are waiting to die, when the eventuality comes, it's still a shock. A bit of hyperventilating and a glassy eye manifest themselves this morning. Never mind - I have to take the view that once this is over, that's it. And even if it doesn't turn out to be cancer after all, I have removed that possibility which is far better than waiting around to see what happens.

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