Sunday, 18 December 2011

All prepared and ready

Tomorrow's procedure should be relatively quick and I would have thought, not particularly painful. The surgery I've had so far has been so incredibly well managed that I've had no pain, so I'm not banking on any this time. I wonder if it's because I rarely take painkillers? I have this theory that if your body doesn't get used to drugs then when you really need them they are much more effective. I don't know if I delude myself or whether it's really true - but it does seem to be the case with me anyway.

Remember my endorphins and how the chemo had affected the rate at which they kicked in when I stubbed my toes? My body appears to have reverted to the normal timescale again; about ten seconds after I've done an injury they simply take away the pain. It's nice to be back to normal.

The peripheral neuropathy - the lack of feeling in the fingers and toes - that's improving daily. The fingers are almost back to normal, well at least I've stopped dropping things like pins and needles when I'm sewing. And the lack of sensation which started at the toe tips and had reached as far as the middle of the soles of my feet, is receding.

Apart from that I'm right back to rude health taking nothing more toxic that the synthethic thyroxine which I've been on for years. This is just how I wanted it in preparation for surgery - to have my body in the best possible order. Even the old digestive system has slipped back to normal after the challenges of chemo, anaesthetics, anti-biotics, beta-blockers - all of which took their effect - and just in time for it all to be mucked up again! Never mind, I have stocked up with active bacterial food supplements ready to mitigate the toxic intrusions.

Everything is ready for Christmas and today all I have to do it pack my bag and prepare to be at the hospital tomorrow by 7.15 am. What a time! I've re-read every leaflet - four of them, several duplicating advice, some of it conflicting. The good old NHS eh. I suppose it's better to have more advice than you want than none at all.

It's interesting to note the differences in the way things are done between our local hospital and the one where I had the lung op. Soap had to be liquid there, no towels or flannels permitted. Everything was provided by the hospital and bathing before the op was done at the hospital - not at home - with NHS-provided anti-bacterial liquid soap. I remember chosing not to use my hair-brush after washing my hair on the basis that it would probably just reintroduce bacteria to my tresses. I combed it with my fingers before plaiting my hair to make it easy for the theatre staff. I shall follow that practice at home early tomorrow morning on the basis that it's in my own interest to present myself as clinical clean as I possibly can.

I'm anticipating being incommunicado for a day or so. One of the leaflets says no mobile phones though I gather everyone tends to ignore such instructions these days. I'll take my old Nokia and if my stay is any longer than 24 hours I'll get hubby to bring my smartphone in so that I can update you myself. Normal service on this blog will be resumed as soon as possible.

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