Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Just one of a crowd

Can you believe it? There were three other people I knew in the ACU (Ambulatory Care Unit - which means you can walk in and out) yesterday at the local hospital. So once I'd come round and had lunch I went visiting. Our next door neighbour was actually on the other side of the wall from me in the men's section of the same bay and opposite him someone else I knew. I popped round the corner to see them at just the time the consultant was doing his post surgery rounds so had my consultation standing in the middle of the gent's bay! A very old friend occupied a single room over the other side. I was so long gossiping with her at the end of the ward that they missed me when it was time for obs. I should have left a note!

As usual I had an enormous high after the anaesthetic. That is now wearing off so I expect to be feeling a little less hyper tomorrow. Stitches come out at a clinic at the hospital on Boxing Day and then there's a consultation with histology results in a couple of weeks. The surgeon said that it looked like a normal thyroid gland, but that tells you nothing. However he said the nodule was quite large - I wonder which one; there were two. "Could that have affected my singing voice?" I asked. "Hm, possibly."

Anyway the speech is fine if a little hoarse. I have a slight sore throat and when I swallow I'm aware that someone has done something to my throat. But as is my norm, I feel no pain. I wasn't going to take any pain relief but have decided to take the Ibuprofen three times as day as prescribed because it will reduce swelling. I do tend to swell when injured and bearing in mind it's my throat that could swell, taking something to alleviate that seems a sensible thing to do.

I asked the surgeon if a little singing around Christmas would be OK and he saw no reason why not. I reckon I might be able to join the choir for midnight mass after all.

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