Thursday, 19 January 2012

Done and dusted .... ah but ....

Today I finished writing the narrative of my treatment. It's been an unpleasant task but one that I feel is important because it carries lots of messages about the system and from it I'm sure there is much that can be extracted in order to change/refine systems in order to help others.

I finished it literally a couple of hours ago. Just now the phone rang. It was the Macmillan nurse. They've just had a team meeting and have discussed my case. The recent Xray does show a small area which the surgeon pointed out to me some months back, which he thought was likely to be scar tissue. The team at my local hospital has been reviewing my case and they've also seen this area and while they also suspect it is scar tissue, they want to be absolutely sure - hence they want me to undergo another CT scan.

I thought I had escaped the NHS for at least six months; it is not to be. Thank goodness the nurse had the presence of mind to call me and warn me of the impending letter about the appointment.

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