Saturday, 21 January 2012

We've got them

We have three geopathic stress lines running through the house apparently - and one straight through where I sleep, another where I sit in the office. The very kind gentleman who offered to dowse for these lines came yesterday and discovered them. He has fixed the main one; acupuncture for the earth is how he described the remedy. I don't know exactly what he did but he said that it may take some months but the really harmful line, the one under the bed, will revert to nourishing force now that he's treated it. He's coming back again to sort out the rest when he's got more time.

Interestingly enough the cat does sleep right on one of these lines - apparently cats like them. Dogs on the other hand don't. I wonder where the cat will go when the other lines are fixed?

Don't ask me how the gentleman knew, but he also thinks that the geopathic stress was not the primary reason for my cancer. He explained it that normally these forces don't affect people unless you spend an enormous amount of time in them. But of course if you sleep on a line of stress then you're spending a great deal of time in it - which of course I've done. We've had our bed in that position since 1983.

Geopathic stress knocks the immune system apparently and hence illnesses are more likely to develop. Do I believe all this? - well I'm really not sure. But my geopathic stress practitioner certainly does and he's a very intelligent individual, with a very responsible job and he has a doctorate, so it's difficult to dismiss it all as the ravings of a deluded and unintelligent man. On balance I'll go with it I think.

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