Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New doors open

Isn't it strange how things happen? It seems some doors have suddenly opened to me this new year when I wasn't even knocking on them.

Those of you who know what I do work-wise will probably know that I run a whole load of business-orientated networking groups for our town. I was invited by one of the members of one of the groups to promote a blog via a women's web site. I wrote to explain that while I did blog, I wasn't trying to work that hard now that I'm semi retired. I explained briefly why. It turns out that the lady I was writing to has just recovered from cancer and major surgery and is the vice chairman of the local hospital's cancer patient partnership; a group which works to improve the treatment system for patients. Yes, it's just the forum with which I was hoping to engage about the ridiculous disconnect my lung and thyroid issues. I've been invited to their AGM which falls at the hospital (you couldn't make this up) an hour or so after my appointment with the surgeon at the same hospital next week.

That's the first thing. The second is that, up until the end of 2010 I was trying to find a platform onto which to move several of my networking groups. I won't go into details here, but I use a free platform at the moment and with that goes all the frustrations and difficulties associated with something you aren't paying for. For about four years I've been seeking an alternative that I would pay for and which I could monetise to cover the cost and make a little bit too. With closure of the business and acknowledgement of the severity of my diagnosis had come abandonment of that dream. Then at a business Christmas lunch this year I met someone who said he had a platform already developed, which he thought would do the job. He seemed keen to discuss it but I've heard this so often before that I'd put the matter to the back of my mind. But hey presto, he's been keen to fix a meeting and it's to be the day after the one at the hospital. It's funny how things happen isn't it?

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