Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Cottage cheese and flax oil

No, I'm not going completely barmy even if you did wonder about me after I wrote the post about eating Christmas tree tips.  Incidentally, I'm still doing that. I find them delicious and of course the season of sprouting won't be long so I have to enjoy them while I can.  What's concerning me now is cottage cheese and flax oil.

As you know, if you've been an avid reader of this blog, I've been consulting a nutrionist and last week I went to see her again to look at my diet according to my blood group. There are certain foods that I won't digest very well and there are certain foods that are particularly good for me, and then there are the foods that are neutral. It's interesting, looking at the lists, that some foods of which I am not at all fond are on the negative list and several that I really love are on the positive list, which rather sells the whole idea to me.

My nutritionist provided a report after the consultation and in it she suggested that I try cream cheese and flax oil. I remember seeing this as I flashed through the myriad of references on the net about cancer treatments a while back. At the time I dismissed it without a second thought and filed it in my mind amongst the quack ideas. But when it appeared on the nutritionist's report I decided to take a longer look.  As you know, Chris Woollams is the person to whom I turn when I want an objective opinion about a therapy. Interestingly enough he's got quite a lot to say about cottage cheese and flax oil and it does make sense, once you realise that the mixture is one done for chemical reasons.

So now every day I whizz up my mixture. Strangely enough it doesn't taste as bad as you might imagine. I've had it on my porridge and also on my salad. What surprises me is that I haven't suffered any indigestion as a result which makes me realise that it's obviously a highly digestible mixture. It's a bit early to give you any feedback yet, but I'll let you know how it goes in due course.

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