Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A very nasty trojan - two actually

It's never happened before but it did on Sunday. We got back after a lovely weekend in the woods and I turned on my PC to search for something.  What I didn't do is update the antivirus before I started the search and that was probably my big error.

Before too long I had a gloriously technicoloured applicaton on my screen, "Smart Data Recovery", trying to suggest that I should input my credit card details in order to effect a solution to the problem of a myriad of separate screens superimposed on one another, each telling me I'd a system error.  I'm not that stupid. 

It wasn't too urgent - I have another PC, so I just switched off the virus-ridden one.  The Man Who Knows how to kill viruses called today and spent a good hour sorting it out. I then did another deep scan as suggested to rid the system of three versions of one trojan and one other. However this episode has left its mark. My favourites have disappeared and I'm unable to replace them with the backup file. But curiously all my folders except one have the appearance of hidden files - though I can reach them OK.  So it's not over yet and I anticipate some remote assistance from The Man Who Knows later this week.

I can't help contemplating how less stressful our lives were before the advent of PCs and the internet.

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