Monday, 21 May 2012

What next?

It may be because two of my solar gadgets have broken, or it may be because I have a very nasty trojan virus on my work PC that I cannot fix it and must call in The Man.  It seems as if everything's going wrong at the moment.

Or perhaps my blues - for that's what it's been feeling like - have been because I was caught driving at 44 miles per hour in a 40 mph zone yesterday and pulled off the road in order to undergo a stern talking to by a very nice young policeman. I realised immediately that I'd been over the limit. I'd had to slow myself down earlier in the same 40 mph section because I'd realised I was speeding. I apologised profusely and said what a wonderful job the speed awareness team was doing and how appreciative I was of their work. Well you've got to try to make them smile haven't you.

My paper licence dating back to 1970 was duly proferred  - with my warning that it was so fragile it might shatter. The PC said he'd only recently surrendered his paper licence.  Goodness, said I, you don't look old enough for one of those.  Actually he didn't really look old enough to be out on his own, but that's increasingly the case with policemen these days.  He could see that I'd never been prosecuted for any offence by virtue of the fact that I still had an old paper licence and by the end of our very pleasant exchange I think he felt rather sorry for me. 

I'm now wondering what on earth can go wrong next, for things always go in batches like this don't they.

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