Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Eating Christmas trees

Yes, you find that hard to believe I know - but we have indeed been eating them. Well, just the tiny tips of the Christmas trees, otherwise known as Norway Spruce. They have a strange slightly bitter flavour which jazzes up a salad. I'm now putting them in my blow-your-head-off salad dressing. 

Apparently you can dry them and make tea with them - and the Norweigans mix them with butter. Yummy - that sounds like something I need to try on baked potatoes.

A trawl of the internet shows that they are Vitamin C rich - which is excellent news.  I'm not sure how long the tip season lasts but for the moment the wood is just full of them, tons of them in fact. If I were an entrepreneur I guess I'd be harvesting them and selling on to high class restaurants. There are some in the fridge as I type, so if you come by, remember to ask to try one.

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  1. How about calling them Norway Sprinkles?!