Thursday, 3 May 2012

You do wonder sometimes

It's been raining nearly all day, but in between the drops I've been packing the van ready for the first camp of the season. I'm quite excited to be off once again on a little expedition. We've several planned for this year including a weekend for our niece's wedding. Yesterday I investigated camp sites near the venue and emailed one to ask if they had space for a two night stopover, and what would be the cost.

I've received a reponse which I quote in full:
"I am sorry but as that is the August Bank Holiday weekend we have a minimum of 3 night stays."

You do wonder sometimes if some people are too stupid to run a business don't you. Just a little warm cuddly reply and it could all turn to their benefit, as in:

"Thank you so much for your enquiry. We're so glad you selected our camp site and we would love it if you were to stay with us. 

The dates you've quoted are the August Bank Holiday and we do have a minimum stay of three nights during that period. But nevertheless, we hope you'll still book with us and it will cost you only ..... I do so much hope you'll be able to visit our campsite. If there's anything else we can help, with please just ask. " etc.

I have actually emailed back to ask for a cost for the three nights, but I don't think they really deserve it.

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